About Us

About Us

Convoy For Kids Sydney Inc was started in 1992 by a small group of dedicated people from the transport and associated industries who had a desire to help sick children.

Today, 26 years later, we are still a dedicated volunteer group who spend time to put together one special day, not only as a fundraiser but a family day for all. Drivers and owner-drivers, from all parts of NSW, with their families participate in this great event each year to help raise money to help children in so  many ways such as purchase of equipment for the NETS (Neonatal & paediatric Emergency Transport Service).

Through the generosity and continuous support of Driver’s, Companies and Supporters, donations made to the Westmead Children’s Hospital have been: Parent’s Waiting Room, Harmonic Scalpel for the Liver Transplant Unit, donation to the Cranio-Facial Unit, purchase of a Ret-Cam for the Eye Department, donation to the Surgical Department, donation to the Neurological Unit and the purchase of a Cryostat Machine, Refurbishment of the Rehabilitation Unit, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, Donations for the purchase of equipment to Telstra ChildFlight NETS (Neonatal & paediatric Emergency Transport Service) and NRMA CareFlight.

The Committee

Ian Shaw

Ph: 0405 540 806

Ian has been involved with Convoy for so many years he decided to throw his hat in the ring

Vice President
Brett Thompson

Ph 0419 999 113

Brett has been involved in the transport industry in so many ways for so many years. He is a great charity volunteer and has been with convoy since 2015.

Pam King

Ph: 0417 678 033

Pam has been a behind the scenes secretary for so many years she is now finally using the title.

Ros Anderson

Ph 0411 207 501

Ros has been an accountant in the trucking industry for 20 years and was elected to the committee in 2015. She has had a number of difficulties with sick grandchildren so it is important to her to get involved with helping kids.

Jenny Towle
Leonie Towle
John King
Kevin Barry
Keith Dwyer
Public Officer
Clarrie Gibbs